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2019-10-05Victorian Ombudsman Shares Practices of Human Rights Protection at Control Yuan
2019-10-0331st APOR Conference Successfully Concludes
2019-09-2531st APOR Conference and Seminar on Human Rights to Open on September 25
2019-08-23Control Yuan to host 31st APOR Conference
2019-07-02CY issues corrective measures for improvement of Taipei City’s roadside parking fee collection
2019-05-31Central, South American Military Officers Training in Taiwan Visit Control Yuan
2019-04-18Honduras Supreme Court of Auditors President Visits Control Yuan for Exchanges
2019-03-22NAO International Exchange Program Participants Visit Control Yuan
2018-12-24Control Yuan 2018 Workshop on the Rights of People with Disabilities
2018-12-13CY Delegation Attends 30th APOR Conference
2018-12-04CY Members Attend 23rd FIO Annual Confab
2018-11-07Ombudsman of Belize Lionel Arzu Speaks at Control Yuan Sharing the Role of the Ombudsman in Good Governance Promotion and Human Rights Protection
2018-10-30President of Supreme Court of Auditors of Honduras Ricardo Rodríguez Visits Control Yuan for Exchanges and Experience Sharing
2018-10-05Central and South American Military Officers Training in Taiwan Visit Control Yuan
2018-08-21IOI Second Vice President Chris Field and APOR Regional Director Peter Boshier Speaks at Control Yuan Sharing the Importance of the Ombudsman and Anti-corruption
2018-08-06Control Yuan’s Land Expropriation Investigation Leads to Land Usage Improvements
2018-07-20Control Yuan Urges Government to Further Strengthen the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of People Living With Dementia
2018-07-10Control Yuan President Visits IOI Headquarters and Ireland’s Ombudsman Office for Exchanges
2018-06-20Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass Speaks at Control Yuan
2018-05-28Control Yuan Inspects Detention Facilities to Ensure Protection of Inmates’ Rights