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2020-07-13CY requests improvement on problems regarding preservation of evidence after conviction and laws on polygraph tests
2020-06-15The Control Yuan Publishes 2019 Annual Report
2020-06-02Control Yuan requests MOL provide labor insurance coverage for all migrant fishers
2020-04-22Control Yuan Gives Close Attention to COVID-19 Response
2020-03-24CY Urges Court to Reconsider Amount of Inmate Income Seized in Prison for Reasonable Retained Money
2020-03-24Inmate with Cancer Dies due to Compassionate Release Rejection, CY Urges Care for Inmate Rights in Medical Care
2020-03-24Control Yuan investigation into T. Hsu case: four extraordinary appeals, innocent at last
2020-03-24Control Yuan investigation into Chiang Kuo-Ching case: posthumous exoneration
2020-03-19Control Yuan Investigation into Seismic Fortification of Public Buildings
2020-02-27Former New Zealand Human Rights Commissioner Rosslyn Noonan and APF Legal Expert Phillip Wardle visit the Control Yuan
2020-01-21Control Yuan investigates case regarding remote area students traveling afar for education
2019-12-27Control Yuan to Establish National Human Rights Commission
2019-12-17CY Oversees Kaohsiung City Government’s Handling of Illegal Scrap Metal Factory Case
2019-12-16CY President Heads Delegation to 24th FIO Annual Conference
2019-11-20Control Yuan Conducts Investigation into Human Resources and Pay for Elderly Care
2019-10-14Central, South American Military Officers Training in Taiwan Visit Control Yuan
2019-10-05Victorian Ombudsman Shares Practices of Human Rights Protection at Control Yuan
2019-10-0331st APOR Conference Successfully Concludes
2019-09-2531st APOR Conference and Seminar on Human Rights to Open on September 25
2019-08-23Control Yuan to host 31st APOR Conference