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2017-05-11Latin American Participants in 2017 National Development Superior Course Visit Control Yuan
2017-05-01NAO International Exchange Program Participants Visit Control Yuan
2017-04-17CY President attends Australian Ombudsman Anniversary Conference
2017-04-17Puerto Rico Ombudsman, Control Yuan Sign Cooperative Agreement
2016-12-09Control Yuan delegation led by President Chang visits Indonesia
2016-05-20IOI President John R. Walters speaks at the Control Yuan
2016-03-25Thai Ombudsman Office delegation visits Control Yuan
2016-03-11Control Yuan Signs Cooperation Agreement with Burkina Faso Ombudsman Institution
2016-01-30Chairperson of Indonesian National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) visits the Control Yuan
2015-11-18Control Yuan Delegation Led by President Chang Attends the 20th FIO Annual Conference
2015-11-18Control Yuan Signs Cooperation Agreement with Belize Ombudsman Office
2015-10-29IOI First Vice President Diane Welborn speaks at the Control Yuan
2015-10-19Delegation of the 2015 National Development Superior Course for High-Ranking Military Officers Visits the Control Yuan
2015-10-08Chief Justice of Guatemala Supreme Court Mr. Josué Felipe Baquiax Visits the Control Yuan
2015-07-08Public Defender of Uruguay Ms. Mirtha Guianze visited the Control Yuan and promised further cooperation
2015-06-15Former Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary Dr. Máté Szabó Speaks at the Control Yuan
2015-06-09President Chang meets with former US congresswoman Marjorie Margolies and former White House legal advisor Ken Jacobsen
2015-05-12President Chang Meets with the Delegation of the 2015 National Development Superior Course
2015-05-05Participants of the 2015 NAO International Exchange Program Visit the Control Yuan
2015-04-28Control Yuan President Dr. Chang Po-ya Meets with Speaker of Belize House of Representatives Hon. Michael George Peyrefitte