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The chairperson of the examination committee of censure case announce the determination of the censure in a press conference.

When a Control Yuan member finds a public servant has neglected his or her duty or violated the law, and deems it necessary to suspend him or her from office or take immediate action, the member may file a written censure against the public servant.The Control Yuan shall forward the case to the superior in charge of the public servant if the censure is examined and approved by three other members or above. If the case falls within the jurisdiction of Criminal Code, it shall be referred to the competent law court for action. Within one month of receiving the written censure, the superior or the official of the censured public servant shall take appropriate action (aside from the Criminal Code or the Armed Forces Criminal Act, which are handled by their appropriate supervisory organizations) in accordance with the provision of the Public Functionaries Discipline Act. The superior may suspend the censured person from duty or take other immediate actions. If the superior official considers no action should be taken, he or she shall report the case to the Control Yuan with appropriate explanation. If the superior fails to take action in compliance with the law, or if the action is considered inappropriate by more than two Control Yuan members, an impeachment shall be proposed against the censured person. If the impeachment proceedings result in penalty for the censured person, his or her superior should be held responsible for dereliction of duty.