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Ambassadors to the Holy See of the ROC’s Latin American Diplomatic Allies Visit Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2018-02-14

Ambassadors to the Holy See of several of the ROC’s Latin American diplomatic allies visited Taiwan in early February at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During their stay, Ambassadors Manuel Roberto López Barrera of El Salvador, Carlos Alberto Ávila Molina of Honduras, Alfredo Vásquez Rivera of Guatemala, and Esteban Armando Kriskovich de Vargas of Paraguay paid a visit to the Control Yuan on Feb. 9, 2018, in order to gain a better understanding of the ROC’s ombudsman system. They were received by CY President Chang Po-ya and CY Members Jane Y.W. Chiang, Bau Tzong-ho and Peter Wushou Chang, engaging in open and friendly discussions with their hosts. The visiting dignitaries expressed admiration for the ROC’s unique constitutional system as well as the important role that the Control Yuan plays within this system.
During the meeting, CY President Chang gave a brief introduction of the Control Yuan’s powers and responsibilities, such as handling citizens’ complaints, engaging in circuit supervision and inspection of government ministries and agencies, implementing the Sunshine Acts, and receiving assets declaration, all of which are aimed at promoting good governance and clean government as well as protecting human rights. She also outlined the cooperation between the Control Yuan and the National Audit Office in reviewing and examining government finances.
The visiting ambassadors stated they were impressed by the comprehensiveness of the CY’s powers, functions and responsibilities, and its central role in ensuring checks and balances as well as efficient government administration. They also praised the Control Yuan for its important contribution to ensuring democracy, expressing appreciation for the opportunity to learn from the institution’s experience.