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St. Lucia Senate President and House Assembly Speaker Visit Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2017-10-18

Saint Lucian Senate President Andy Daniel and Speaker of the House Assembly Leonne Theodore-John visited the Control Yuan on the morning of Oct. 11, 2017. They were accompanied by Saint Lucian Ambassador Hubert Emmanuel and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs José María Liu, as well as Diego L. Chou, director general of the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs. During their visit, they met with CY President Chang Po-ya and engaged in friendly exchanges, expressing admiration for the ROC’s unique constitutional system, strong spirit of democracy, and effective ombudsman system. The distinguished guests first watched an introductory film about the Control Yuan’s functions and powers and then were given a guided tour to the Exhibition Area. They expressed much interest in the procedures for handling citizens’ complaints, the public servants’ assets declaration system, and supervision of national examinations, asking many questions about implementation details and methods. At the same, they also shared information on the scope of the powers and functions of the Office of the Ombudsman in Saint Lucia. CY President Chang gave the esteemed visitors a brief introduction of the ROC’s constitutional system, and in particular the ombudsman system, and welcomed their participation in the National Day celebrations. Hon. Theodore-John highly praised the Control Yuan’s contribution to the democratic system as well as the ROC constitution’s system of checks and balances which promotes good governance and puts the spirit of “government for the people, and by the people” into practice. She also expressed admiration for the Control Yuan’s dedication to keeping in close touch with the citizens and being sensitive to their needs as illustrated by the practice of assigning a CY member on a rotational basis to the Complaints Receipt Center each day to receive complaints in person. The people of Taiwan, whether ordinary citizens or government officials, have a strong sense of democracy, she added. Meanwhile, noting that Saint Lucia has set about the task of carrying out constitution reform, Hon. Daniel said the ROC’s constitutional system is worth borrowing from and expressed the hope of bringing back the wisdom of a friend to benefit his homeland. The ROC and Saint Lucia maintain formal diplomatic relations, and the two high-ranking dignitaries were invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the National Day Reception. During their stay in Taiwan, they paid visits to the Presidential Office, Legislative Yuan, and various government ministries and agencies. They also made trips to various scenic spots around the island, expressing praise for the beautiful horticulture, wonderful tea and refreshments, and breathtaking natural scenery in Taiwan. At the end of their visit to the Control Yuan, Hon. Theodore-John and Daniel extended a cordial invitation for CY President Chang to visit Saint Lucia, to further foster friendly ties between the two nations.