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ZEIS Director Dr. Arndt Sinn Speaks at the Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2013-09-18

Director of the Center for European and International Criminal Law Studies (ZEIS), Dr. Arndt Sinn, delivered a speech at the Control Yuan (CY) on anti-corruption policy and work in Germany.
Dr. Sinn noted that anti-corruption work in Germany is closely related to that of the European Union, and vice versa and that international cooperation is vital to fighting systemic corruption. Dr. Sinn cited as, an example, a German law stipulating that the offering of a bribe by a German civil servant abroad shall still be treated as a crime deserving of punishment.
Dr. Sinn suggested several principles to effectively promote anti-corruption work. First, it is vital to establish a transparent management platform and clear rules on profit-receiving by civil servants. Second, the rule of proportionality is important when setting regulations on profit-receiving. In addition, profits received by civil servants should be recorded in detail.
In the Q&A session, the audience posed several questions concerning corruption issues both in Taiwan and Germany and exchanged ideas with Dr. Sinn.
Dr. Sinn received his PhD in Law from the University of Leipzig and specializes in organized crime and transnational crime. It is his third visit to Taiwan.
The speech was hosted by Dr. Louis Chao, CY member and chairperson of the CY International Affairs Committee, and interpreted by Dr. George Gesk, Director of the Law Faculty at Hsuan Chuang University. The speech was also joined by CY members Dr. Li Fu-dien and Dr. Chou Yang-sun.