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Commonwealth Ombudsman Mr. Colin Neave Visits the Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2013-09-18

Commonwealth Ombudsman of Australia Mr. Colin Neave visited the Control Yuan (CY) on the morning of September 17, 2013, and exchanged ideas with CY President Mr. Wang Chien-shien and the members of the CY International Affairs Committee (IAC).
President Wang extended a warm welcome to Mr. Neave. He noted that the ombudsman system in Australia is highly advanced and an institution from which the CY can learn. He also expressed an interest in greater collaboration and more exchanges between the two institutions. Mr. Neave thanked President Wang for the CY’s warm reception and invited CY colleagues to visit Australia.
During a lunch meeting with five members of the IAC, Mr. Neave shared his work experience and amazement at the changes in Taiwan over the past two decades since his first visit in 1991. Dr. Louis Chao, CY member and chairperson of the IAC, praised the long friendship between the CY and the Commonwealth Ombudsman Office and recalled the good relationships with Mr. Neave’s predecessors, Mr. Ron McLeod, Mr. John McMillan, and Mr. Allan Asher. He also congratulated Mr. Neave on the anniversary of his appointment on September 17, 2012.
Mr. Neave also enjoyed a guided tour of the CY display room, complaint receipt center and plenary meeting hall.