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President Wang Meets with President of the Honduran Superior Court of Audit Mr. Miguel Mejia

  • PostDate:2013-09-11

Control Yuan (CY) President Wang Chien-shien, accompanied by Vice President Chen Chin-li and Secretary-General Chen Feng-yi, met with the president of the Superior Court of Audit of Honduras Mr. Miguel Mejia and his wife on the morning of September 9. President Wang extended a warm welcome to the guests and they exchanged ideas on the work of their respective agencies.
President Mejia noted that some Honduran people have misconceptions about the functions of the Superior Court of Audit and think that it cannot effectively discipline corrupt civil servants. In fact, he said, corruption cases are handled by the judicial branch since they involve criminal law. The court, on the other hand, mainly reviews the efficacy of government agency budgets.
Mr. Mejia thanked the ROC National Audit Office for inviting him to visit Taiwan and providing an opportunity to learn about Taiwan’s supervision and auditing systems, as well as Taiwanese culture. After hearing that CY members could serve more than one term, Mr. Mejia expressed his view that such a system would be beneficial to policy continuation.
The Constitution of the Republic of Honduras stipulates that the Superior Court of Audit shall have three judges that serve a seven-year term. The three judges serve in rotation as president of the court for a one-year period. In November 2011, Superior Court of Audit President Jorge Bogran Rivera visited Taiwan and met with President Wang at the Control Yuan. The two agencies have since formed a deep and lasting friendship.
Before departing the CY, President Mejia enjoyed a guided tour of the CY display room and learned more about the powers and the history of the CY.