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Latin American Participants in the National Development Superior Course Visit the Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2013-05-15

A delegation of 19 high-ranking military officers from Central and South America visited the Control Yuan on the afternoon of May 13. The visitors met with Control Yuan Member and Chairperson of the International Affairs Committee, Dr. Louis Chao, and Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Hsu Hai-chuan, for discussions.
During the visit, the delegation enjoyed a guided tour of the Control Yuan's display room and listened to a briefing on control powers and the architecture of the historic Control Yuan building.
In his opening remarks, Dr. Louis extended a warm welcome to the visitors and briefed them on the evolution of the ROC supervision system. Dr. Louis also answered questions asked by visitors about the Control Yuan's internal control mechanism, handling of human rights violations by the police and military, and scope of jurisdiction.
At the end of the visit, Colonel Romano Panamenos of El Salvador, speaking on behalf of the delegation, thanked the Control Yuan for its hospitality.