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The Senior Auditors from Latin America Visit the Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2013-05-06

The 15 senior auditors from 10 countries in Latin America, accompanied by the Deputy-General Auditor, Li Yue-de, visited the Control Yuan on the morning of May 2, 2012. The Control Yuan Vice-President, Chen Jinn-Lih, Member and Chairperson of the International Affairs Committee, Dr. Louis Chao, and Deputy Secretary-General, Hsu, Hai-chuan joined the discussion with the guests about the functions and powers of our country’s Control system.
In order to offer a better understanding on the procedure for lodging a complaint, the guests were led to the Complaint Receipt Center next to the office entrance before the discussion and briefed on the practical work of complaint receiving and handling such as the ways to file complaints, the case handling process and the management of anonymous complaints.
In the discussion, Vice-president Chen extended a warm welcome to the delegation and gave the audience a concise introduction of the Control Yuan’s power. He noted that although the powers held by ombudsman offices are probably different from each other, the goals of addressing civil complaints, promoting human rights and bolstering social justice are shared by all. Dr. Louis Chao also expressed his pleasure to join the discussion, since he has been to each and every 10 Latin country where the participants are from due to attending the Federación Iberoamericana de Ombudsman (FIO) conferences.
In the discussion, the delegation posed several questions such as the criteria for becoming a Control Yuan member, the punishments for impeachment or censure cases, the remedies of the impeached, the power distinction between the Control Yuan and the Investigation Bureau, and the impartiality of a Control Yuan member.
In the end, Vice-President Chen presented specially-made mugs with a rooster portrait on it, which symbolizes justice and impartiality, to every participant as a souvenir and drew a close of the event.