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Delegation of the Japanese Association of Law and Political Science Visits Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2013-03-15

A delegation of 25 members of the Japanese Association of Law and Political Science (JALPS) led by its former President, Mr. Hiromichi Fujita, visited the Control Yuan on the afternoon of March 12. Dr. Louis Chao, Control Yuan member and chairperson of the international affairs committee, received the delegation and extended a warm welcome to the guests. Two other Control Yuan members, Dr. Chou Yan-Sun and Dr. Chien Lin Whei-Jun also joined the discussion.
In his opening remarks, Dr. Chao congratulated the delegation on the 60th anniversary of the JALPS. He was glad to learn that the association had held a seminar in Taiwan at National Cheng-chi University, noting that the activity has helped to bolster academic communication between the two sides. Dr. Chao also mentioned the closely-watched World Baseball Classic (WBC) game between Taiwan and Japan held last weekend. He said the competitive, yet genial, game exemplifies the special friendship between the two countries.
Mr. Fujita thanked the Control Yuan and Dr. Chao for hosting the delegation. He also praised Dr. Chou's attendance at the seminar and presented the paper “Comparative analysis on supervision system of ROC”. Many of the visitors asked questions about the practice of Control Yuan powers, such the recruitment of investigators, election of committee chairpersons, and types of investigation cases handled.
Dr. Chao and Dr. Chien Lin also accompanied the delegation on a tour of the plenary meeting hall and introduced the group to the process of the plenary meeting.