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Representatives of Transparency International Visit Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2013-01-31

At a reception held on January 29, 2013, for charter representatives from Transparency International (TI), Control Yuan Members Dr. Teresa Yin, Dr. Sheree Shiow-Ru Ma and Dr. Ful-dien Li, introduced the independent supervisory powers of the Control Yuan Members under the five-power constitutional system of the Republic of China.
“It is not too bad,” Control Yuan Member Teresa Yin said, regarding the latest Government Defense Anti-Corruption Index (GDAI) published by TI, which ranks Taiwan at level B, alongside Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
The Defense and Security Program of Transparency International delegation was led by the secretary general of Transparency International Malaysia, Ms. Josie Mary Fernandezs to visit the Control Yuan on January 29. They met with chairperson of the Committee on National Defense and Intelligence Affairs Teresa Yin, who was accompanied by Members Sheree Ma and Ful-dien Li. The three Members made the aforementioned remarks in their opening address.
Mrs. Fernandezs congratulated Taiwan on its good standing in the GDAI and acknowledged the importance of the Control Yuan’s role in facilitating honest government in Taiwan.
The delegation posed a number of questions about the Control Yuan’s exercise of supervisory powers, including collaboration with non-government organizations, budget sources, the handling of public complaints, and setbacks and challenges encountered during investigations.
The three Members also drew references from the Constitution and relevant regulations to explain how the Control Yuan exercises its powers and handles public complaints. At the end of the meeting, Member Teresa Yin presented the guests with a bronze plaque engraved with Control Yuan’s façade as a token of hope for further exchanges and collaboration between the two parties in promoting clean and honest governance.