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Vice President Chen meets Latin American Participants of the National Development Superior Course

  • PostDate:2012-06-01

Vice President Chen Jinn-lih, accompanied by Deputy Secretary-General Hsu Hai-Chuan, met on the afternoon of May 29 with a delegation of 23 high-ranking military officers from Central and South America. The officers, who came to Taiwan to participate in a training course organized by the Ministry of National Defense, were briefed on the functions and powers of the Control Yuan during the meeting.
Vice President Chen briefed the delegation on the Control Yuan’s powers and expressed his wish to exchange views with the visitors. He noted that, “Although the supervisory bodies in your countries might vary in terms of power and type, ” said Vice President Chen, “we do share the same value to uphold justice, protect human rights and ensure government integrity.”
The delegates posed questions about the practical work of the Control Yuan, including the channels for citizens to lodge complaints, the handling of unreasonable or malicious complaints, the legal criteria for becoming a Control Yuan member, the differentiation between control and judicial powers, and regulations on assets-declaration by public functionaries.
At the end of the meeting, General Rigoberto Espinoza Posadas from Honduras, leader of the delegation, thanked the Control Yuan for its warm reception and said that the meeting had helped to strengthen relations between Taiwan and Latin America.