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President of Control Yuan Wang Chien-shien meets President of Superior Court of Audit of Honduras Mr. Jorge Bogran Rivera

  • PostDate:2011-11-17

President of the Control Yuan Wang Chien-shien met in the morning of November 15 with a delegation headed by the President of the Superior Court of Audit from the Republic of Honduras, Mr. Jorge Bogran Rivera, and his wife Mrs. Oreita Perdomo Chavez. President Wang extended a warm welcome to the visitors on their trip to Taiwan and gave a brief introduction to the Control Yuan. He stated that the core mission of the Control Yuan is to initiate impeachment charges against public functionaries who fail to carry out their duties due to neglect of regulations and violation of laws. However, President Wang specially mentioned that jurisdiction over corruption cases committed by public servants belongs not to the Control Yuan but to the Judicial Yuan. In his remarks, Mr. Wang also highly praised Auditor General Lin Ching-long for fully fulfilling the functions of the National Audit Office, a subordinate organization of the Control Yuan, under his leadership. Mr. Bogran Rivera’s remarks noted that the Superior Court of Audit in Honduras resembles a combination of the Control Yuan and National Audit Office in Taiwan. The post of president is taken up by three judges in rotation, seven years a term. The organization is mainly responsible for two jobs: first, examination of budget spending by both central and local governments, and rendering audit reports to the Congress; second, receiving complaints from the public. Mr. Bogran Rivera also pointed out that during the delegation’s visit they witnessed the Yuan’s outstanding performance in computerizing audit work, which inspired him to devote his full effort to computerizing operations in his own audit operations after returning home. President Wang concluded that he is highly interested in learning more about the audit system of Honduras and he hopes that communication between the two offices will be continued and expanded in the future. The delegation included Magistrate of Superior Court of Audit Mrs. Daysi Yolani Oseguera Duron and her husband Mr. Jesse Roberto Anchecta Chinchilla. The group was accompanied to the Control Yuan by the Auditor General of Taiwan Lin Ching-long. Also attending the meeting were Vice President Chen Chin-li, Secretary General Chen Feng-yi and Vice Secretary General Hsu Hai-chuan.