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The senior auditors from Central and South America visit Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2011-09-23

The senior auditors from 11 countries of Central and South America, accompanied by the Deputy-General Auditor, Wang Yong-xing visited the Control Yuan on 20, September, 2011. The Control Yuan held a seminar in which Vice-President, Chen Jinn-Lih, Deputy Secretary-General, Hsu, Hai-chuan, Director of Department of Supervisory Operations, Mrs. Wang Tseng-hwa; Director of Department of Supervisory Investigation, Mr. Wu Ching-wen and Chief Secretary of Committee on Financial and Economic Affairs, Mr. Wei, Chia-sheng discussed the issue in respect of the particular supervision system in the Republic of China and its functions and powers with each other.
In order to offer a better understanding on the procedure for filing a complaint, the Control Yuan especially arranged for a delegation to visit the Center for Taking Complaints. After a presentation, the foreign guests exchanged ideas on issues including average procedure time spent on a case, channels for filing complaints, protection of complainants’ privacy and avoidance of unreasonable complaints.
Control Yuan Vice-president Chen welcomed the delegation and indicated that the Control Yuan’s functions and powers mean that it not only can take corrective measures when it finds maladministration, it may also censure or impeach public servants who are found to have neglected their duties. In addition to supervising administrative organizations to enhance their effectiveness, the Control Yuan has also focused on clarifying government rulings, resolving the public’s complaints and correcting public officials when they go off track, with the ultimate goal being the protection of human rights. The delegation discussed issues such as the antecedent of the 5-power system, the criteria used in initiating an investigation when a public servant declares assets dishonestly and the penalties involved, how to deal with public servants involved in corruption, and the source of the Control Yuan’s budget.
After the visit, the delegation and Vice-President Chen took several pictures and visited the historic architecture and documents exhibition of the Control Yuan.