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The Exchange Program between the Control Yuan and Foreign ombudsman/ Human Rights Offices ended successfully

  • PostDate:2011-08-23

The Exchange Program between the Control Yuan and Foreign ombudsman/ Human Rights Offices took place from 15-17, August, 2011 in Taipei ended successfully. The program was launched in 1994 and held again in 2010. The purpose is to enhance the understanding of mutual organizations as well as to establish and deepen bilateral relationship. Due to the high evaluation given by the participants, it was carried out again this year.
Chen Jinn-lih, Vice-president of the Control Yuan, inaugurated the ceremony and Louis, R. Chao, Chairman of International Affairs Committee, introduced the 5- power system of Taiwan to the participants. In the first day of the Program, the staff of the Control Yuan welcomed them with a simple but warm Spanish song and foreign participants also sang one back to express their appreciation. During the 3-day course, the participants had chance to visit in person the Department of Supervisory Operations, Department of Supervisory Investigation, Department of Assert-Declaration by Public Functionaries and National Audit Office etc., which they had acquired first-hand information about the supervision system in Taiwan,.
The foreign participants of the Exchange Program this year include Ms. Lilian Noemy Zaldivar Morales from ombudsman office of Salvador; Mr. Augusto José Aguer, Human Right Section Chief, ombudsman office of Argentina; Mr. Pablo Belardnelli, Administrator, office of President, Argentina; Mr. Jorge Alfonso Victoria Maldonado, President of Commission of Human Rights, Yucatán state, Mexico and Mr. Hugo Andrés León Manco, Sub-director of National Administration, ombudsman office of Peru.
In the last day, due to the background of participants are mainly focus on the protection of human right, this year the Control Yuan especially arranged a seminar on human rights promotion and protection in respective countries. Although the powers of each ombudsman institution are different, it was concluded that they all have the common goal of enhancing their human rights system and made great efforts not only fighting for social justice and investigating voluntarily incidents to which society pays a great deal of attention, but also concerning the issues of minority ethics, women and children and the under-privileged. Mrs. Zaldivar, indicated that Salvador had suffered a turbulent period, because their people fought for the better human rights in a violent way, therefore she praised the Control Yuan using reasonable and peaceful ways to solve the human rights issues.
At the closing ceremony, the 5 foreign participants shared the reflection and expressed their appreciation for the warm reception by the Control Yuan and impressed very much by the hospitality of Taiwanese people.