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The Staff of Ombudsman and Human Rights Offices from Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Salvador will visit the Control Yuan to Exchange Experiences

  • PostDate:2011-08-12

In order to enhance the understanding between the international supervisory /human rights institutions and the Control Yuan as well as to establish and deepen bilateral friendship, the Control Yuan has organized an Exchange Program which is to be held from 15 to 17 August 2011 in Taipei. During the 3-day course, the participants will acquire more information about the supervision system of the Republic of China by visiting relevant departments of the Control Yuan.
As backgrounds of participants are mainly focus on the protection of human rights, this year, the Control Yuan has especially arranged a seminar in which the participants and the members of the Control Yuan will exchange ideas and discuss issues on human rights promotion and human rights situation in respective countries. The Control Yuan has actively participated in several international conferences of the International Ombudsman Institute (I.O.I.) and has invited its chairman and distinguished ombudsmen to come to Taiwan. The similar Exchange Programs have been carried out by the Control Yuan in 1994 and 2010.
The foreign participants of the Exchange Program this year include Ms. Lilian Noemy Zaldivar Morales from ombudsman office of Salvador; Mr. Augusto José Aguer, Human Right Section Chief, ombudsman office of Argentina; Mr. Pablo Belardnelli, Administrator, office of President, Argentina; Mr. Jorge Alfonso Victoria Maldonado, President of Commission of Human Rights, Yucatán state, Mexico and Mr. Hugo Andrés León Manco, Sub-director of National Administration, ombudsman office of Peru.