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President of Control Yuan, Wang Chien-Shien, meets Members of the National Development Superior Course from Central and South America

  • PostDate:2011-05-27

President of the Control Yuan, Wang Chien-Shien, met members of the National Development Superior Delegation on 24, May, 2011, Vice-President, Chen Jinn-Lih, was also present for the occasion. The delegation from the Ministry of National Defense included 25 superior chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force from Central and South America. The main purpose of the visit was to understand the operations of the functions and powers of the Control Yuan. Both parties broadly exchanged views on respective Control systems and functions and powers of the Control Yuan during the discussion.
President Wang welcomed the members of the delegation and indicated that the Control Yuan takes corrective measures when it finds any maladministration. Except the President and Vice-president of the R.O.C., the Control Yuan may censure or impeach any public servant who is found to have neglected his or her duties. Moreover, if a public servant is found to be involved in a criminal case, the Control Yuan will transfer the case to the judicial court for processing.
During their visit the members of the delegation exchanged opinions on several issues including the functions and powers of the Control Yuan, declaration of assets by public servants, the process of Investigation as well as how to maintain harmony between the five Yuans. At the end of the meeting, Carlos Antonio Caballero Maidana, Mayor General of Paraguay, represented the delegation to express their appreciation for the warm reception by the Control Yuan and enthusiastically praised the performance of the Control Yuan to promote a clean government.
After the visit, the delegation and President Wang took several pictures and visited the historic architecture and documents exhibition of the Control Yuan.