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Control Yuan Members Attend the 8th IOI Conference

  • PostDate:2004-09-20

The Control Yuan Members Dr. Louis R. Chao, Dr. Shen-yi Lee, Dr. Michael H. M. Leu, Ms. Yi-kung Ma, Mr. Frank J. N. Liao and Secretary General of the Control Yuan Mr. Shan-liang Tu left for Québec, Canada from September 3 to 15, 2004 to participate in the 8th Conference of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI). Based on the general theme “Balancing the Obligations of Citizenship with the Recognition of Individual Responsibilities-The Role of the Ombudsman,” the conference attracted 77 countries and 440 people to participate. In the conference, there were not only special speakers to present the latest development of the international ombudsmen, but also different workshops for all the participants to share experience and ideas. Besides attending the conference, the Control Yuan delegation to the IOI also met with some Members of the Parliament of Québec to build good relationships.