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President Chien Attends 21st AEI World Forum and Meets with Panamanian Ombudsman

  • PostDate:2004-07-01

On behalf of the Republic of China, President & Mrs. Fredrick F. Chien of the Control Yuan were assigned to leave for the United States to express our condolences to the US former President Ronald Reagan in his funeral and attended the 23rd World Forum sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Afterwards, President & Mrs. Chien flew to Panama meeting with Ombudsman Mr. Tejada Espino, who has signed the Agreement on the Inter-institutional and Technical Collaboration with the Control Yuan. They also visited with some high-ranking government officials of Panama. While attending the Board Meeting of Central American Council of Ombudsman, President & Mrs. Chien exchanged opinions and ideas with all the representatives in a welcome dinner and had a group photo to mark the occasion.