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Control Yuan Exhibition Area Is Inaugurated

  • PostDate:2004-03-31

To promote the public’s better understanding of the Control Yuan, President Fredrick Chien held an inauguration ceremony and a tea reception of the Control Yuan Exhibition Area on March 31, 2004 in the Control Yuan.
The ceremony, taking place on the second floor of the lobby, attracts several celebrities to jointly celebrate by cutting the ribbon such as the Control Yuan Vice President Chen Meng-ling, former President Mr. Wang Tso-yung, together with Minister Tchen Yu-chiou, Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan and Legislator Huang Chao-shun.
Owing to the insufficient understanding among the public of how the control powers exercise, some start to be dubious about the functions and performances of the Control Yuan. In order to improve this, the Control Yuan staff have made great efforts to present its evolution and performances. Meanwhile, the Yuan chose and designed the domed gallery as the exhibition area. This area is to promote not only easy accessibility to the people but also better communications between the public and the Yuan by various ways.
The Control Yuan Exhibition Area includes eight parts: the entrance vision, the evolution of the supervision system, the evolution of the control powers, international connection, the construction of the Control Yuan building, the Presidents of the Control Yuan, multimedia display, and the Control Yuan spirit. When planning this exhibition area, the Control Yuan consulted National Palace Museum, Academia Historica, retired staff and their relatives to collect precious cultural heritages, documents, photos, books, and so on in order to successfully display the contributions of the Yuan.