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The Panamanian Ombudsman Mr. and Mrs. Tejada Espino Visits Taiwan

  • PostDate:2003-10-08

The Panamanian Ombudsman Mr. and Mrs. Tejada Espino visit Taiwan for six days from October 7 to 12 at the invitation of the Control Yuan. Both Panama and the Republic of China are Institute Members of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI). Ombudsman offices of both our countries have had brotherly relations. When visiting the Control Yuan, Mr. Tejada Espino will sign the Agreement on the Inter-institutional and Technical Collaboration between the Control Yuan of the Republic of China and the Ombudsman Office of the Republic of Panama. Meanwhile, to honor his great devotions to international ombudsman affairs, the Control Yuan President Fredrick F. Chien will confer the First Grade Control Yuan Medal on Mr. Tejada Espino. In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Tejada Espino will visit with ROC President Chen Shui-bien, hear briefings of the ROC in the Government Information Office, visit on the Ministry of Justice, attend the reception party of our National Day celebration, and visit Hualien. They will leave Taiwan on October 12.