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 Judy, Fu-meei Ju

Judy, Fu-meei Ju
 Judy, Fu-meei Ju
  • LL.M. and PhD., College of Law, National Taiwan University
  • M.C.L., Indiana University, USA
  • Research, Harvard Kennedy School, USA
Career Background
  • Prosecutor and Lead Prosecutor, Supreme Prosecutors Office
  • Director; Department of Transportation, Environment, and Natural Resources; Executive Yuan (Formerly, Division Chief of the Third Division)
  • Director-General, First Bureau, Office of the President
  • Prosecutor, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office
  • Lead Prosecutor, Taiwan Taipei and Taoyuan District Prosecutors Offices
  • Prosecutor transitioned to Ministry of Justice
  • Speaker on Investigative Practices, Judiciary Class 38, 55, 56, Academy for the Judiciary
  • Speaker on Criminal Evidence Law and Special Criminal Law for Prosecutor Investigators and Investigators
  • Member, Criminal Law Amendment Taskforce, Ministry of Justice
  • Member, Legal Affairs Committee, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  • Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation