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Control Yuan Plenary Meeting

Control Yuan Plenary Meeting(20191008)

Control Yuan plenary meetings are comprised of the president, vice president, and members, and are convened monthly by the president. Extemporaneous meetings will be held should they be proposed or deemed necessary by the president or at least one-fourth of the members. The Control Yuan president acts as chairperson, or in his or her absence, the vice president shall fulfill the role. If both are absent, a member will be selected by the committee to exercise this power. A quorum for Yuan plenary meeting attendance is half of the membership. Proposals must be submitted in writing. An extemporaneous motion may be brought up if it is seconded by two or more members, and motions are carried by a simple majority of members present. An annual meeting is held within two months of the year’s end to review the work done in the year and the government’s administrative performance. The following matters should be brought up at the Control Yuan Plenary Meetings: - the draft laws to be submitted to the Legislative Yuan - matters concerning the study of the Control Yuan regulations - matters concerning the audit reports of the total accounts of the central and local governments - matters concerning research on improvements pertaining to the powers of impeachment, censure, and audit - matters concerning researching improvements pertaining to corrective cases - committee reports - matters passed down by the Yuan president - matters brought up by members of the Yuan - other important matters