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Handling the Approval, Change, and Closing Political Donation Accounts, and the Declaration of Account Records

According to the Political Donations Act, the Control Yuan is responsible for handling political donation disclosures. Political parties, political groups and candidates shall open political donation accounts at financial institutions. After receiving approval from the Control Yuan, said account can be used for collecting political donations. Each political party, group, or candidate shall have only one account, which shall not be changed or closed without the approval of the Control Yuan. Accounting reports for the political parties and groups shall be sent to the Control Yuan for disclosure within five months after the end of the reporting year, and shall be audited and commented on by CPAs. Accounting reports for candidates shall be sent to the Control Yuan for disclosure within three months after the voting date. If a candidate receives an amount in excess of NT$10 million, he or she shall entrust CPAs with auditing and commenting. The Control Yuan shall, within six months after the deadline for declaration, compile the accounting reports into a single document for people’s reference and post it online.

In addition, for the convenience of political parties, political groups and candidates in keeping day-to-day records of detailed political donations and balance of payments on a long-term basis, the Control Yuan has developed the “Control Yuan Online System of Political Donation Disclosure”, offering services including donation receipt-issuing, prompt checking, and handling and disclosure of accounts. The system also simplifies internal verification processes, and, for the convenience of the public in checking information related to donated items and amounts when declaring income tax, provide revenue service institutions with individual donation information. This assures a win-win situation for all.