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  • College of Law, National Taiwan University
Career Background
  • Chief Lawyer, Chang Chu-Fang Law Firm
  • President, Taipei Bar Association
  • Director, Family Law Committee, Taipei Bar Association
  • Director, Legal Aid Foundation
  • Chairperson, Legal Aid Foundation Shilin Branch
  • Vice Chairperson, Awakening Foundation
  • Director, Foundation for Excellent Journalism Award
  • Adjunct Assistant-Professor-Level Specialist, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Group Session Member, National Conference on Judicial Reform, Office of the President
  • Member, Judicial Evaluation Committee, Judicial Yuan
  • Member, Judicial Yuan Human Rights, Minor Protection, and Gender Friendly Commission
  • Member, Family Mediation Advisory Committee, Judicial Yuan
  • Member, Promotional Committee for Simplified and Colloquial Court Judgments, Judicial Yuan
  • Member, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee, Ministry of the Interior
  • Member, Bar Examination Review Committee, Ministry of Examination
  • Member, Sexual Harassment Appeal Review Committee, Executive Yuan
  • Member, Taipei City Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee